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Frequently Ask Questions


What does Pharmacist Only Medicine mean?

Pharmacist Only Medicine, also known as S3 medicines, are a group of medicines that can only be purchased with a pharmacist consultation, no need for a doctor's prescription. In stores these medications are only available on pharmacy shelves as the sale must be approved by a pharmacist. You must first discuss the medication with one of our pharmacists before we can finalise your order.

When speaking with a pharmacist they will ask about the condition, including details on your symptoms to ensure that proceeding with this treatment is suitable. To respect your privacy our pharmacist will do this in a private area of the store.

I want to discuss my medication with one of your pharmacist. Can I do this?

Yes. At YouSave Chemist your health and wellbeing is important to us. If you wish to discuss basic health issues with the team then we encourage you to send us an email. If you are unclear on best practices for taking your medication than we encourage you to bring along the details of your medication. Please note that our advice is never given when we feel it would be more suitable to speak with your doctor.  We reserve the right to not advise on your medical condition and will advise you to contact your doctor or medical centre.

Do not attempt to contact YouSave Chemist when you require serious medical attention. In cases of emergency medical help dial 000.


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* We reserve the right to limit quantities, and correct pricing errors. Always read the label and use as directed, if symptoms persist see your doctor. Incorrect use could be harmful.