Mouth ulcers are painful abscesses, commonly sighted as sores - in the mouth. While the formation of mouth ulcers are largely unknown, reasons for the egg-shaped ulcers vary from poor oral hygiene, or gum disease, to food allergy, such as reactions to acid fruits or a function of stress.

Natural Therapies:

  • Take supplements high in Vitamin B & Vitamin C.
  • After brushing teeth at night, rinse mouth with warm, salty water.
  • A 50/50 mixture of oil of cloves and tea tree oil can help with the pain and infection caused by mouth ulcers. Apply a very small dab onto the ulcer.

While advice and natural therapies can help to ensure you keep mouth ulcers at bay, if you're suffering the pain of mouth ulcers you're looking for quick resolve.


ORALMEDIC is a one-time mouth ulcer treatment that creates a thin protective barrier which provides rapid and long-lasting relief from the pain and discomfort associated with mouth ulcers. The barrier helps to protect the ulcer from painful contact with environmental irritants while allowing the ulcer to heals naturally underneath.

How does ORALMEDIC work?

The illustration to the right is a typical oral ulcer. Mouth Ulcer
Application of ORALMEDIC is generally improved if the mouth ulcer can be dried prior to treatment. Apply ORALMEDIC directly on the oral ulcer using a pre-filled cotton swab. A brief sting can be felt and is a signals that the product is working. Hold the cotton applicator on an average size mouth ulcer for five (5) seconds.
After application the product should be immediately removed by rinsing mouth with water. Treatment is evident when a white patch can be seen in and around the ulcer.

ORALMEDIC is intended to provide rapid relief from the pain and discomfort associated with mouth ulcers and protects the underlying tissues during the healing phase.

It is not unusual for some of this treated tissue flakes off during the healing period. Ulcer pain relief normally begins shortly after application. The healing process begins immediately and most ulcers heal painlessly in 3-5 days without any further treatment.

Maintain a health diet and wellbeing.

To keep mouth ulcers at bay, and get the best out of living, ensure you maintain a healthy diet. If you are suffering from repeated mouth ulcers, eat more red and yellow vegetables, wholegrain breads and cereals, non-citrus fruit, lean meats and seafood. Repeated attacks could be a sign of being run down so ensure you undertake moderate exercise, get plenty of fresh air and adequate sleep.