That's right, we're talking about feminine hygiene. While the area south is loved, it can often be misloved. Did you know that your vaginal area has a different pH level than the rest of our skin? The delicate pH balance helps keep the balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria and using normal shower gel or soap can cause irritation and even dry out the fragile skin around the vagina - making it more vulnerable and prone to infections. It's important not to disrupt it's sensitive pH level with harmful chemical-laden products. Here are

Summer’s Eve have products specially adjusted to the pH levels of the external vaginal area. Offering innovative products to meet every woman’s intimate needs. All Summer’s Eve products are pH-balanced and clinically tested to ensure that they are hypoallergenic and safe for use in your most intimate areas.

While at times it's normal to experience feminine odour, vaginal discharge, itching or dryness - some women prefer to use something more than just water to wash this area. When using feminine hygiene products try to use specifically designed products - or ones with pure, natural ingredients. Keep in mind they have to be gentle, so not to upset the delicate pH balance.

For consumers concerned about vaginal odour, Femfresh offers a specially designed deodorant for down there. Helping to maintain freshness during menstruation, hot weather, or any time consumers are feeling self-conscious.

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