3... 2... 1... Happy New Year it is! If you made a resolution to quit this or start that, there's plenty of help around to help. The new year has also seen the rise of many new things to help so don't fear, help is here.

For all those who made to quit smoking a new year resolution Nicorette have introduced QuickMist. Giving fast relief from cigarette cravings, the spray form means nicotine is absorbed quickly into your blood stream through the mouth lining, to help relieve that urge to smoke. That's great news for people who are hoping to make 2013 the year they quit smoking. Don't forget to check out Australian Government Quit Now site for great advice and tips to help.

If loosing a few of the extra kilos is a goal for you then be sure to checkout the new look Optifast range. With a great tasting range of bars, shakes, soups and even desserts, the Nestlé Nutrition team at Nestlé Health Science have given the packaging a great eye catching look which is being loved by Optifast dieters as well new dieters.

Just in time this summer, LeTan have introduced new products in their tanning range. LeTan Coconut Tanning Cream and Coconut Tanning Gel allow the tan to develops in just hours and designed to be long lastin, fading evenly over time.

Always looking to improve Australian's wellbeing Swisse, Bioglan and Blackmores have all welcome new vitamins and& supplements. With years of research 

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