Jumpers, blankets, heaters are common in winter but so is tissues, visits to the doctor, that dreaded winter flu. Thinking about the winter cold, we sat down with one of our great pharmacist assistants to ask what they think we need to know when it comes to avoiding a winter cold.


What's a common misconception about the common cold? There is no cure. While symptoms can be treated there is no actual cure to the common cold. It is recorded* to frequent in adults two to three times a year and children six and twelve.

What can increase the duration of a cold? When you have the flu it's advised to get plenty of rest, drink plenty of liquids, avoid using alcohol and tobacco. It's important that you allow the body enough rest to recover.

Can we help others to avoid catching our cold? Yes. Where possible stay home from work. Not only does your body need to rest, you don't want to spread your flu germs to others. If you can't take days off, ask to work from home or in a role away from people to avoid spreading your cold with co-workers. Hand washing is also important too. Make sure you wash your hands regularly and sanitise any shared tools or work spaces to stop germs spreading to others.

To avoid a cold this winter try Blackmores Echinacea ACE + Zinc. This daily supplement combines echinacea with antioxidant nutrients to support the immune system during winter and may reduce the severity and duration of colds.

How do you avoid a winter cold? Will you take or do something as a precaution? We'd love to hear from you now.

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