When you make the decision to quit smoking that's the day you should take action. No matter what age you are, how long you have been smoking or your situation it's never to late to quit. Don't put off quitting in 30 days, two months or even next year. Your journey begins now and it's important you take the right steps along the way.

Here's our top tips to help you along your quit smoking journey.

  1. Take the right approach. Everyone's quit journey will be different. Find an approach that will work for you. Your path to quitting could be through a gradual reduction to the cigarettes you smoke, with the aid of quitting tools, or by going cold turkey. Be aware of the approaches and choose the approach that suits you.

  2. Bin it! Don't keep cigarettes, throw them away along with ashtrays and lighters. Wash your clothes and freshen old smoking areas with spray to remove the smell of smoke.

  3. Tell a friend. Quitting is not easy so don't do it alone. By telling your family, friends and work colleagues your plans to quit will give you the chance to explain to smoking friends why you're choosing not to join them outside. Finding another friend who wants to quit too, will be the greatest support and can provide encouragement in moment's you're feeling tempted to light up.

  4. Watch out when there's alcohol about. Be aware of situations where you are likely to be tempted to smoke, such as parties, nights out or work breaks. In the early stages of quitting try to avoid these situations and situate yourself away from other smokers. Book tables in the non-smoking section at restaurants and rather than standing outside in your breaks, go for a short walk. Be especially aware of nights out when, you will be tempted. Try switching the hand you hold your drink in. This simple trick will keep your mind distracted.

  5. Count your coins. Keep any money that you would have spent on cigarettes in a money box. If you find yourself losing the motivation to quit, why not remind yourself of the financial benefits of quitting! Take out a bit of the money you've saved to pamper yourself. These moments will help keep you motivated.

  6. Write about it. Why not start a blog about your quit smoking journey. Writing down the reasons that made you decide to quit smoking will be an encouragement should you need reminding! Recording your journey and thoughts will help you spot any lifestyle patterns that you need to change.

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You don't have to quit alone, so let us help you along the way. Please drop us and email or speak with any of our pharmacists or pharmacy assistants to find out more.

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