We read a quote this week that said "The person you love is 72.8% water". Whilst cute, it got us thinking about being told this, or something simular back at school. While we don't walk around as a body of water it's a known fact that the human body holds a lot of water and the first place you notice lack of hydration is in your skin.

So if your skin is lacking hydration, which is especially noticed in these winter months, here's some simple tips to help you look after it.

1. Drink lots of water.

It's the golden rule but often forgotten. Water is a stand alone important to hydrate your skin, let alone all the other cells in your body. Keep a water bottle on your desk, and refill it every few hours to reminder you to drink up!

2. Eat a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables and protein.

Too much fat, sugar, caffeine or alcohol is bad for any part of your body, including your skin. Your skin is literally made from the foods and beverages you consume each day. If for example, you have oily skin, watch your intake of oils and saturated fat. Try reducing the oils you are consuming and eat more dark green salads to give your skin a healthy glow naturally.

3. Moisturise every day.

From top to toe. Moisturising will lock-in your bodies natural hydration. Apply moisturiser right after you've had a bath or shower. The warmth of the shower will help the skin absorbe the vitamins of your moisturiser. Of course make sure you use a quality moisturiser too!

4. Exercise regularly.

Regularly taking the feet to the street or partaking in sports to raise a sweat, will help you feel better and leave your skin look healthier.

So go on. Treat your body with water, the right nutrients and a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It will return the love with smoother, healthier-looking skin in a matter of weeks.

If you have sensitive skin or skin that irritates easily be sure to only use moisturisers that caters to your skin type. Always test a new product on a small part of your skin before an overall application.

If you have any skin routine or tips that leave you glowing please share them with us here.

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net