Pain is a very personal experience. Some people have very little tolerance to pain; others can bare severe pain with little complaint. As pain can be can be the sign of a more serious condition it's important to seek professional advice should you be suffer any abnormal pain to find the recommended treatment.

We've taken a look at a few of the common aches and pains that people report to us and some of the solutions that we've got on the shelves for them.


Migraines are a most common type of head pain. At first, migraine might seem like any other headache but it has its own set of symptoms. If the pain is felt on just one side of the head and is moderate to severe throbbing it's more serious than a regular headache.

About a quarter of people with migraine experience "aura", which consists of visual problems such as flashing lights or zigzag lines. Migraine is often accompanied by nausea or vomiting and in some cases sufferers are sensitive to lights or sounds.

There are many migraine triggers. These include dehydration, certain foods, insufficient food, hormones, oversleeping or too little sleep, eye or dental problems.


Sinuses are cavities in the bones around the nose. Sinus pain can occur due to sinusitis, which is an inflammation of the sinuses. This may be due to an infection, or an allergy. Some people have long-term sinusitis; for others, it’s short-lived and occurs due to a cold.

Symptoms of sinus pain depend on where the affected sinus is. Pain, tenderness and swelling in the cheek or below the eyes is a good sign for sinus inflammation. This may be accommodated by a splitting headache felt across the forehead or pain felt behind and between the eyes. Be mindful of symptoms such as tender, swollen, splitting headaches.


Back pain can be caused by many different factors including workplace injury, muscle strains, sprained ligaments, a ruptured disk, osteoarthritis, or pain that originates in another part of the body, such as the kidneys, but is felt in the back.

Depending on the cause of the back pain it could be felt as a constant, sharp or dull pain. As a result, different people will describe their own particular back pain in different ways.

Pain could be felt as a dull, aching pain or persist as a throbbing, radiating pain. The area injured could be sore to touch, sending sharp, stabbing pains through your back.


Ladies do we need to say any more? Period pain affects about 50% of women. in different ways. Whether it's a cramp pain that comes and goes or a constant dull ache in the lower part of the abdomen it can prevent you from preforming normal daily activities.

Period pain usually occurs just before or at the start of a period cycle. Many women find that it wears off after 24–48 hour but some women can feel the pain throughout the duration of their menstruation cycle. It's often accompanied with a bloating, irritable feeling.

Remember it's important to seek professional help when consolidating pain. Ignoring, or mistreatment could result in serious repercussion. Speak with a health care professional or one of our pharmacists about your pain to find the treatment.

Do you suffer from one of these reoccurring pains? How do you treat the pain to find relief? Share any comments below of your experiences or resolves to find relief.