Being environmentally friendly is important to many of the staff at YouSave Chemist. Thinking green and working to create ways to reduce waste is something that many of the team do at home and at work. Here's just a few ways that our team is working to create a greener workplace.

Reuse, reduce and recycle. Working with what you've got is a great place to start. Every day we receive deliveries in cardboard boxes and wrapped in protective padding. While this packing is needed to make sure your stock is well preserved, where possible we try and put these boxes to good use. Any stock that comes from our major suppliers we send the boxes back to use next time. For smaller and larger boxes we often give to friends that are moving an need packing boxes, or transfer them to our Avalon store where we pack and stock your goods for delivery. When you get an order you might find it's come in a slightly used box and our aim to recycle is the reason for that.

Don't go plastic, go eco. At every YouSave Chemist store can pick up a handy orange YouSave Chemist eco bag. The deep shopping bag you can be purchased from your local YouSave Chemist store for a small fee. With handy shoulder straps you'll be able to use the bag for shopping, the beach and packing the kids toys in. Ask for a bag next time you shop in store.

Pickup is paperless! Tracked via email, when your order is available for "in-store pickup" your order is completely paperless! Why not buy an ego bag when you collect to make the whole delivery environmentally friendly.

This year we've also pledged to turn off our lights for Earth Hour. Pledge your support online and join us as we flick the switches. Every switch makes a difference.

How are you living more green? We'd love to hear from you and listen to your green tips and ideas.