This week Tony Ferguson stopped into one of our YouSave Chemist stores to meet the team and some special customers. With lucky door prizes, tips and more, Tony also shared his tips on how to eat to a better you.

Selected by the team at Tony Ferguson, our very own Lucy shared her story of how being on the Tony Ferguson program saw her to a better life -- 40 kilos lighter! Now living with new habits Lucy (pictured center) has enjoyed sharing her story with other weight-loss hopefuls. Here's a bit of her story:

I have always struggled with my weight... even before I could remember I was the child that had the extra slice of chocolate cake, the extra handful of lollies, always hungry and throughout school I was teased and bullied every day. I was 60kg at the start of high school which affected not only my self worth and confidence but what I achieved.

Over the time I tried countless diets and detox's losing 1 to 5 kg but not being able to kept it off. When I became pregnant and had my child I put on even more weight. When my son started to not only walk but run, and I could not kept up with him. I couldn't even run 50 metres without feeling breathless so I had to restrict my son from going to different places like the beach, shops and constantly in the pram to kept him safe. Enclosed parks or secure indoors play areas were the only option. I remember thinking, what sort of parent am I if my son can't experience the world.

I knew I had to do something so I decided to do one more program. I have had no success before I was scared to fail again. I went into the Tony Ferguson weight loss center upstairs one day the consultants were so lovely and helpful and told me all about the program but I didn't sign up straight away. I went away and thought about it for another 2 months (which I regret now). Finally decided to do one more program. The consultants remember me when I brought the started pack that day. It was the start to the first day for the rest of my life.

I lost 3.6kg in the first week and second lost 1.1kg the next. I was over the moon! The program was easy to follow and most importantly I wasn't hungry! I continued the program for 9 months including 3 steps at that stage weight loss, progress and maintenance now called new start, new normal and new life. In the 9 months I have tried every Tony Ferguson product and still use the cookbooks which have great recipes.

Lucy oldLucy with a shirt from her 'old self'.

After learning about food, when to eat it and choices from the support of the program, consultants and 24/7 hot line. I went on to lose more than 10kg. So to date I have lost over 40kg and kept it off for 15 months and now am in my healthy weight range. The decision to join Tony Ferguson has changed my life so much. Not only I am happier and healthier but my son is too, and I wish could share this confidence, happiness and the sense of achievement, with everyone struggling with their weight.

To me the world is a different place, that's why I am so passionate about Tony Ferguson weight management as I know it works. So if you are reading this and are a Tony Ferguson member already I encourage you to remember whatever keeps you motivated just kept reminding yourself is it that next size down, a wedding, celebration or just feeling better about yourself an appointment same time every week with a Tony Ferguson really helped me. If your not please come and see me at YouSave Chemist at Warringah Mall and don't let your weight rule your life again. I love life! I love being outdoors! I love being myself!

If you've got questions about the Tony Ferguson Weight Management Program, or just want to find out how you can achieve a better, healthier lifestyle speak with one of our many trained Tony Ferguson consultants in any of our stores.