Let's face it. The reality of January is parties, holidays and fun. Any goals you set back in December for the 'new year' rarely ever last beyond the first week of the new year.

In the blitz of January we lose the momentum for achieving those exciting new years resolutions but don’t fear. It isn’t to late to reflect, recommit and reach your goals.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Get out a pen and write down the unhealthy habits you wanted to change. If you're just thinking about an intention to do something it's just that – an intention, an idea. When you write it down it requires words, a plan – an actual response. So what was your new year intention? Write it down. Make it into a goal.

Mediate on it!

Now you've got a perceptible goal repeat it to yourself. Stick the note up on the bathroom mirror; place it on your bedside table; write it on every page in your diary. Make frequent places points of reminders for what you’re end goal is. Subconsciously these little reminders will develop in your unconscious mind and you'll naturally find yourself making decisions to achieve your goals.

Tell a friend

Let's be honest, life is always better when you’ve got company. Why not share your goal with a close, trusted friend. Friends can offer the encouragement and advice that is needed when challenges are confronted. Their support could make the difference between your success and failure.

We know that with support you can achieve your goals and we’re committed to supporting you to do just this. Share your goals with the Resolution Community and others who are wanting to change old habits and where your friends and family can share their support.

Every YouSave Chemist store has professionally trained staff to help you towards achieving new health goals. Whether you want to quit an activity that’s affecting your health or start a new routine why not stop in for friendly guidance and support to help you make the right decisions about your health.

Most importantly don’t give up! Missing the new year doesn’t mean that your need to give up on new you goals. No, rather we like to look at the steps it takes to reaching your goals. After all a path well travelled is easier to follow.