We all know them. We might have them. At the least, we’ve all known someone with them. We’re talking about those little embarrassing beauty problems that we often ignore and leave untreated.

Whether it’s cliff looking heels or the snow-like flakes that fall on your clothes, it’s gone on for too long now. It’s time take steps to begin treating these awkward beauty problems.

Dropping Dandruff

Dandruff is a common problem. If you think it’s just you that suffers from an itchy, dry scalp is just you then think again. This irritating scalp condition is suffered by many people and can be aggravated by one’s diet or stress. Left untreated the symptoms can multiply and become more frequent and severe.

Restore your scalp’s condition with a healthy anti-dandruff treatment. Manage this treatment with a healthy balanced diet to take a stance against dandruff.

Fixing Cracked Feet

Our feet take us on many journey's and just like our skin, they can show their age. If your feel have started to crack or peel make sure you look into finding a cure. Ignoring the condition could result in further troubles and possible pain if left untreated. If you're unsure of what treatment speak with one of our pharmacists to find out how to treat the symptoms.

Got Dry Elbows?

It might not be something that you have noticed but could it be something that everyone else has noticed? While essential in our harst Australia climate, many women admit to forgetting to moisturise their whole body as part of their daily routine - not to mention the men! Daily moisturising is important to keep your skin soft, healthy and looking it's best.

When you moisturise it's not just you legs that need the attention. Moisturise your whole body from your fingers, to your belly and don't forget your elbows. Store a hand moisturiser tube in your office desk, handbag, car or sports bag to keep your hands soft and youthful. When you get it put a little more on to cover your elbows too. The skin on your elbow is a little thicker for padding so keep it soft with a little extra T.L.C.