A study has found that more than half of the Gen Y population will self-diagnose before they visit a doctor. In 2011 'symptoms',' eye', 'heart' were top searches on Google for the health category. The trend of results on the click of the mouse seem to be rising trend in Australia.

Web Search 'Health' Australia, 2011

Risking their health, results from a recent undertaken by The Australian Medicines, suggest that young Australians are perhaps not as medicine wise as the generations before. Amongst the surveyed Australian aged 18 to 27 many admitted to sharing and taking prescribed medicines that had not been prescribed to them. A worrying find as medicines will effect people in different ways and should only be used as recommended by a healthcare professional.

Getting a correct diagnosis or finding the facts when starting a new treatment is important to ensure your get results. Don't use the internet to self-diagnose - use it to find your nearest doctor or YouSave Chemist.