Have you ever woken to a thunderous noise like an angry Tyrannosaurus Rex chewing up the garden?
Have you ever been dragged from deep sleep by a rhinoceros rampaging in the kitchen?

So, you get up madly rush to the window with a wildly beating heart and suddenly realise Rex left the planet 60 million years ago and there is definitely no sign of a Rhinoceros in the kitchen./p>

Slowly you settle down and suddenly there it is again.
You turn.

It's in the bed!
It's not a dinosaur, it's a Dina-SNORER!

Your hands move to the choking position!
You reach for a heavy object!

It stops - you are saved.

Don't give up, we can help!

Essentially never ever give up.
Keep trying different things and you'll find the one that works for you.

Snoring can cause serious health problem for both yourself and your partner.
If you can't control it you should see your doctor to discuss the option available to you.



Email or phone your local YouSave Chemist for more tips and advice for help a dina-SNORER.