Want that healthy summer glow? Well the news is that it doesn't come from the sun. With two in three Australians diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70, baking in the sun's harmful rays is not the answer.

If you're keen to have that sun-kissed look - without out the oompa loompa orange, here's the secrets for a realistic not streaked or smeared fake tan.

  1. Preparation. Prior tanning, exfoliating is the key. Exfoliate and moisturise a day before applying tan to hydrate and soften the skin.

  2. Application. Apply your tan with a tanning mitt. This give you the guarantee streak-free application.

  3. Maintenance. Moisturise daily. Moisturising with a good lotion will prolong the colour of the tan, as well as prevent streaking and patchiness as the tan fades.

Importantly, there is a common misconception that fake tan gives you sun protection so that you don't have to wear sunscreen lotion while you have the tan on. It's not true. If you're heading out in the sun wear SPF 30+ sunscreen while you have the fake tan on your skin.

So step into summer looking your best.