Losing weight can change your life. With weight loss champions reporting a rise in energy levels rise, positive changes to their attitude and a general 'new person' feeling, it's not as hard as you think. Tony Ferguson has helped over 700,000 Australians achieve their weight loss goals through affordable, easy-to-follow programs.

With nutritious alternatives, the Tony Ferguson program offers a safe weight loss alternative. Based on weight loss facts the program is designed to be enjoyed by people who love their food. Introducing a variety of options the program ensures that it's both palatable and easy to maintain.

By using low GI foods and protein combinations, you will reach your weight loss goal with a diet that meets your individual nutritional requirements. Along the journey you'll be educated and as you progress through more foods are introduced back into your diet in quantities to meet and maintain your desired weight.

Most importantly on a Tony Ferguson program you're not doing it alone. When you join the Tony Ferguson program from any of our stores you will meet with a designated support person who is there to help you along the path to a better, and healthier you.

For an affordable, safe and proven weight loss program stop in to any store and meet with one of our specialised Tony Ferguson representatives.