At YouSave Chemist we love our mum's! As Australia get's ready to celebrate Mother's Day this weekend, we've also wanted to take a moment to recognise the hard work mums do.

From the moments we're conceived, through our childhood, adolescence and into adulthood, our mum's are the women we share many moments with. They hear our first cry, see our first steps and witness these over again. The first years of every child's life are essential to ensure we develop and grow.

In the early months of any child's life breast-feeding, feeding of an infant with breast milk directly from female breasts, is considered the best option for babies. This week is National Mothering Week and is a great opportunity to support new mums to find their confidence. Encouraging mums to opt for breastfeeding, the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) believes that breastfeeding is "the natural and ideal way of feeding the infant and a unique biological and emotional basis for child development."^ At YouSave Chemist we understand that breast feeding might not be an option for everyone* and can advice new mum's about the alternatives available. Should you have questions about how to best care for your new one, stop in and talk to any of our skilled team members who are available to talk with you. We know that having a newborn is both physically and emotionally challenging, so we're here help find the right option for you. Mum's are special to us too.

This Mother's Day be sure to show mum how much you care for her. Give something that will remind her who she is and what it is you love about her. She's your mum so let her know you love her in your own special way.

We'd love to hear any cleaver ways you have celebrated your mum. Share your special mum moments with us here.

*Breast feeding is best for babies.
Consult a health professional for advice on how to care for your newborn.