Malathion is a pesticide that is widely used in agriculture, it is commonly found in several health products. Used in low doses it is used as a treatment for head lice, body lice and scabies.

While Malathion, an insecticide compound, is highly toxic to head lice, it is proven a safe active ingredient for human used. When mixed with water the Maldion vaporises are breathed in by lice which paralyses the central nervous system. It is important to apply lice shampoo to dry hair as head lice shut their breathing holes once they get wet.

What is Maldison found in?

Maldison is a common ingredient used to kill head lice and nits. Found in several head lice treatment products,

Is Maldison safe?

While Maldison in itself is of low toxicity; absorption or ingestion into the human body can results in its metabolism to malaoxon, which is substantially more toxic. Always keep Maldison based products out of read of children as digestion may cause poisoning. If digestion occurs contact the Poison Information Centre 131 126 (Australia) or 0800 764 766 (New Zealand).

Speak with any of our team or one of our trained pharmacist should you have any questions about how to treat head lice and nits, including advise on other alternatives to using Maldison based products.