Monitoring your blood glucose levels is a standard of care for all diabetic people. Knowing your levels will helps in the planning of meals, activities, and at what time of day to take medications.

Most people check their blood glucose level using a personal blood glucose meter. While the ongoing cost of using a blood glucose meter can be considered high, the relative cost is beneficial to avoiding the medical costs of the complications of diabetes.

It is important to care for your blood glucose monitor and it's strips so that you get an accurate reading every time. While we recommend your refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for full details here's some handy advice:

  • Store your monitor and strips in a dry place;
  • Replace the cap immediately after use;
  • Check the expiry date is valid on your strips.

To ensure your results are always dependable, you should periodically check the performance of your blood glucose meter. All YouSave Chemist stores offer a FREE clean and check service for your blood glucose monitors. Simply bring in your glucose monitors and we can test the accuracy of your monitor with a testing solution.