We all take medicines, but too often we take them for granted. Being medicine wise will help you make better health decisions for yourself and those you care for.

By being medicine wise you'll know what you're taking and why and how it could affect you -- as well as whether a medicine is the best option for you in the first place. It's important to know the right questions to ask about your medicines, and that if you are unsure about something you can always ask a pharmacist.

Handy steps to becoming medicine wise:

Know what's a medicine.

Medicines aren't just prescription. Medicines include over-the-counter drugs as well as herbal remedies, vitamins and other supplements. Medicines come in many forms including tablets, lotions, drops and inhalers. Therefore it's important to let a pharmacists know what medication or treatments you are currently using when purchasing new medications.

Know the active ingredient.

Knowing the active ingredient in your medicine will help to avoid confusion. Being aware of the active ingredient allows you to recognise whether two different brands are the same or identify if two medicines are not the same. It will also allow you to identify a suitable alternatives should you need to purchase a different brand.

Ask questions.

By asking questions about medicines from trusted source, you can get the most benefit from your medicines and make better informed decisions about them.

If you have questions about any new medications, or medications that have been recommended to you, please speak with any of our trained pharmacists before you start the treatment. Your health and the decisions you make is important to us and we can help you become medicine wise.