Would you like healthier, younger looking hair?

Choose shampoos and conditioners without sulfates. Harsh cleansers strip hair of natural oils. Select products with Vitamins A, B, C, E, and nutrients such as calcium and magnesium.

If you colour every six weeks, try extending to eight. Gloss and glaze products help seal colour pigments and slow down fading. If you cover grays, a root touch-up kit can stretch your colouring.

Always use a colour-safe shampoo and lengthen the time between washes. Most people only need to wash their hair three times a week, those with dry hair even less. Baby powder and dry shampoos hide oily parts and strands.

Sun Lovers - Shield you hair from UV light with a hat or sunscreen-pumped styling cream to help lock in moisture and preserve colour.

It takes longer to style dripping wet hair, but it’s also less elastic and prone to breakage. The last remaining moisture in your hair provides the set – air dry to around 80% before you start styling (25-50% for coarse, curly or dry hair to avoid frizz).

As you age you need to adjust your hair product regimen. Androgens are hormones present in both men and women. As we age, the production increases, changing the look and feel of hair follicles – some get thicker, others thinner.

For coarser and dryer hair - Try heavier, more hydrating conditioners packed with emollient ingredients like glycerin, soybean oil, and cottonseed oil. You can also boost your biotin intake.

Biotin increases your metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins that are needed for thick hair and increased growth. When taking it regularly and in the right proportions, your hair will thicken and give off the appearance that you have more hair than you do.

Consult your local YouSave Chemist pharmacist about taking biotin supplements or discuss other hints and tips to ensure you have healthy hair.

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