Hearing Loss

Generally, hearing loss is either present at birth or soon afterwards, or acquired later on in life.

As part of the natural ageing process, more than half the population aged between 60 and 70 years is experiencing a hearing loss. This increases to more than 70% of those over the age of 70 years, and 80% over 80 years.

As soon as you notice any type of hearing change, you should immediately seek professional advice. Sadly, many suffer with difficulties for a number of years before seeking treatment, if at all.

Hearing loss can negatively affect your quality of life, which can result in depression, anxiety and the false sense that others are angry with you. Although it is permanent, there are aids available so you can hear properly and enjoy life.

However, some hearing loss can occur at any age and be quite recoverable. A gradual build-up of earwax can block the ear canalĀ and prevent conduction of sound waves. The earwax needs to be removed but in a safe manner.

Cotton buds are often accused of either pushing wax further into ears or causing eardrums to rupture and affect hearing. Likewise, reports on do-it-yourself ear candling seem to cause more harm than good.

There are products available that help to first soften and loosen earwax, thereby making it much easier to remove. This also reduces the need for ear syringing.

If you or your child has a build-up of earwax or you have experienced a loss of hearing, please discuss this with your GP.

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