Back Support Belt

Gives you instant relief from back pain and helps you "walk tall."  Adjustable, comfortable, pain relieving and supportive.

An elastic belt that supports your abdomen helping to lift and relieve pressure off your pelvis and lower back, while assisting to improve posture.

The New Beginnings Back Support Belt has Velcro tabs and an additional side panel for adjustable support at all times.

Recommended by physiotherapists and health professionals not only for pregnancy, but also for people who stand for long hours.


Back Support Tube

Comfortably lifts your belly and takes pressure off your back.  Seamless Micro-Fibre Support.

Soft micro-fibre tube designed to support your pelvis and lower back while carrying your baby, it can also be used as part of your "layered look"

The New Beginnings Back Support Tube has a unique interknitted control band at the back, on the sides and under the abdomen to give shape and all round support.

Made of silky soft micro-fiber, this tube will fit comfortably over your belly, feeling like a second skin, providing a comfortable lift, smoothing your shape and protecting your belly and is undetectable under tight clothing.