If a cough is getting you down this winter check out the Benadryl range of cough mixtures for relief.  It is important that the correct mixture is used and our Pharmacists are always available in store to give you advice.


Benadyl Mucus Relief Double Action

BENADRYL MUCUS RELIEF DOUBLE ACTION effectively works in two ways to thin and break down mucus to help clear a heavy mucus cough.


Benadryl PE Dry Cough & Nasal Congestion

BENADRYL PE DRY COUGH & NASAL CONGESTION works to suppress a dry cough and dry up a runny nose.


Benadryl Chesty Forte

Benadryl Chesty Forte combines a cough expectorant + mucolytic to effectively relieve heavy chest coughs.

Benadryl Chesty Forte works in two ways:
-The Mucolytic thins and breaks down mucus,
-The Expectorant helps to expel mucus from your chest more easily.


Benadryl Dry, Tickly Cough

BENADRYL Dry, Tickly Cough liquid provides soothing relief from dry, tickly coughs whilst reducing the frequency and severity of coughs and providing relief from irritating night coughs.


Benadryl PE Chesty Cough & Nasal Congestion 200ml

Use this product to:
*Relieve chesty coughs
*Relieve nasal congestion
*Relieve a blocked or runny nose