Been let down by deodorant before? It happens all the time. When the adrenalin starts to pump that’s when the sweat starts to flow, and it can happen at unexpected moments. If you want to avoid the embarrisment of the sweat patch under the arm, or in other areas you 'get hot under the collar' then it’s important to know there is a difference between deodorants and anti-perspirants.

Product labeled "deodorants" work by counteracting the development of body odour. Whilst they control the growth of bacteria which causes body odour, and contain perfumes to help, deodorants will not affect sweating. "Anti-perspirants" however are designed to reduce the amount of sweat released to keep you dry. Controlling the growth of bacteria, whilst also providing some perfume, anti-perspirants work as effective deodorants. As they often contain perfume, anti-perspirants are often labelled as "anti-perspirant deodorants".

Originally created in Australia, Rexona has a unique body-responsive technology that releases extra protection as you need it. Rexona’s Anti-Perspirant Deodorant range is a highly efficient protection from wetness and odour. If you want 

Recently Australian Casey Taylor put Rexona deodorant under different “stress” test when she squished all this into one day; 4am Hot Air Ballooning, 9am Breakfast with the girls, 11am Skydiving, 1pm Shopping in Melbourne, 4pm Dance Class, 6pm Jumps in a Limo to kick off a night out in town! See here adventures here: