Do you suffer from occasional tooth twinges? Or occasional tooth pain? The sensations of the occasional tooth sensitivity is caused by exposed areas of dentine.

We suggest Sensodyne Repair & Protect Toothpaste

Sensodyne Repair & Protect is an advanced toothpaste that helps to not only protect the sensitive areas, but also works to repair them. The advanced NOVAMIN technology from Sensodyne seeks out to repair vulnerable areas that cause twinges of sensitivity.

Clinically proven to relieve the pain of sensitive teeth.

Good oral hygiene is important in the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums, and it also helps prevent sensitive teeth. Follow these tips to improve your oral hygiene.

- Seek professional healthcare
Regular check-ups at your dentist will catch problems before they develop. Dentists provide the best advice for your individual needs.

- Clean effectively
Careful brushing at least twice a day should be part of everyone's routine.

- Consider your diet
Avoid sugary and acidic foods, including many fruits and fruit juices, between meals and before bed. Food and drink with high acid content can erode the surface of your teeth and expose the tubules in your dentine, causing sensitivity.

- Don't ignore sensitivity
Tooth sensitivity can lead to improper brushing, which may result in other oral health issues such as plaque build-up, gingivitis, tooth damage and periodontal disease. Regular brushing with an appropriate low-abrasion toothpaste, like Sensodyne Total Care, will help to relieve the pain of sensitive teeth.

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