Swisse have a large range of multivitamins specifically formulated for Men/Women and different ages.  The formulas have been adjusted in each to meet the best nutritional needs of the person taking the suppliment.

Please ask one of our staff members to help you select the best Swisse Multivitamin fit for YOU!

Based on over 25 years of research, the Swisse Ultivite range.

For Men

  • Men's Ultivite F1.
  • Men's Ultivite 50+ Years. Supporting men aged 50+ meet their nutritional needs and maintain general wellbeing.
  • Men's Ultivite 65+ Years.
  • Men's Ultivite Gluten Free. Males 15 years and over that have gluten intolerance. 
  • Men's Ultivite No Iron or Iodine

For Women

  • Women's Ultivite F1
  • Women's Ultivite 50+ Years
  • Women's Ultivite 65+ Years
  • Women's Ultivite Gluten Free. Females aged 15 years and over that have gluten intolerance. 
  • Women's Ultivite No Iron or Iodine
  • Pregnancy + Ultivite

Children & Teenages

  • Children's Ultivite. For both boys and girls 2 years - 12 years.
  • Men's Ultivite Teenage. Suitable to be taken by males aged 12 years and over.
  • Women's Ultivite Teenage. Suitable to be taken by females aged 12 years and over.

When is the best time to take?

In the morning, during or straight after breakfast. See individual packets for recommended daily dosage.

Is it normal for the colour of the urine to turn bright yellow from the use of the Swisse formulas?

Yes. These are mainly B vitamins being eliminated from the body. What your body requires for that day is utilised, and the remainder is excreted. This also shows that the tablet/capsule has disintegrated effectively in the body.

Multivitamin supplement should never replace a balanced diet, but can help by supplementing their nutritional intake.

Source: SWISSE

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