The Nicorette Inhaler tackles the habit of smoking, as well as the physical addiction to nicotine. When you puff on the mouthpiece, the cartridge releases nicotine to help relieve your cravings. And, because it's designed to be held like a cigarette, your hands are kept busy too.

What is it?

The Nicorette Inhaler is a nicotine replacement product that can help relieve your cravings when you're trying to quit smoking.

Is it right for me?

If you're likely to miss the hand to mouth habit of smoking, then the Nicorette Inhaler could be the product for you.

How does it work?

  1. Insert a replaceable cartridge into the mouth piece.
    See detailed instructions below.
  2. Draw on the mouth piece like you would a cigarette.
    The cartridge will released a measured dose of nicotine to help relieve tour cravings.
  3. Each cartridge can be used for up to twenty minutes.

The full course for using Nicorette Inhaler lasts around 16 weeks, from quitting cigarettes to no longer requiring Nicorette Inhaler. During this time, you should gradually reduce your intake of nicotine, until you can do without it. Over a 16 week program it's suggested that you use Nicorette Inhaler for 12 weeks, reducing use during the next 4 weeks - as shown in this guide.

Step 1: 6-12 cartridge per day, then
Step 2: 3-6 cartridge per day, then
Step 3: 1-3 cartridge per day.

Detailed instructions on how to assemble the Inhaler:

  1. Remove the mouthpiece from the plastic wrap.
  2. Align the marks on the mouthpiece and pull apart.
  3. Take out the blister tray.
  4. Peel back to release one cartridge
  5. Press the cartridge firmly into the bottom of the mouthpiece until the seal breaks
  6. Put the top onto the mouthpiece
  7. Again align the marks on the mouthpiece and push the top and bottom firmly together to break the top seal of the cartridge
  8. Twist to misalign the marks
  9. Your NICORETTE Inhaler is now ready to use
Nicorette Inhaler. Helps satisfy your cravings and keeps your hands busy.
Source: Nicorette

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