Helping you to protect the macular region of the eye

Blackmores Lutein-Vision Advanced is a macular defence formula, based on the latest scientific eye research, containing lutein and zeaxanthin (found in the macular area of the eye).

Macular Degeneration (MD) is the leading cause of blindness in Australia, affecting central vision. MD is primarily age related and most frequently affects people over the age of 50. One in seven people over the age of 50 are affected by the disease and the incidence increases with age.

How it works:

May help protect the macular region of the eye from free radical damage.

- Increases the density of the protective macular pigment of the retina.

- Contains omega-3 fatty acids important for eye health.

A percentage of the sales from Lutein-Vision Advanced supports the MD Foundation.

The Macular Degeneration foundation is a great source for information.  Please download there info pack.


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