You might have heard it from your doctor, or you may have heard it from your dentist - Your mouth can reveal a lot about your health. It's true. Bad breathe, mouth ulcers, decay and common mouth hygiene issues can be a sign of deeper health issues.

As the the mouth can often be an entry point for infection to the body so it's import to have good oral hygiene and here the team picked some of the great things available to help keep their teeth in tip-top shape.

ORAL B TOOTHBRUSH VITAL PLUS FLOSS ACTION | This electric toothbrush removes more plaque than an ordinary manual toothbrush. The MicroPluse bristles clean deep between teeth. With an automatic two minute timer, you'll brush for dentists recommended time every time. Rechargeable, it includes a handle, base station and comes with two Floss Action brush heads.

COLGATE PLAX MOUTH RINSE WHITENING | Colgate Plax Whitening Mouthwash is designed to help keep teeth clean for longer. This mouthwash contains anti-tartar ingredients, including polyphosphates, to help prevent surface stains and unwanted tartar forming on teeth. Available in 500ml.

ORAL B FLOSSETTES | Conveniently removes the food and plaque you can't reach with your toothbrush. The handy floss sticks makes reaching between the teeth a trouble-less task. Sold in 10 pack.

SENSODYNE TOTAL CARE GEL | For those that prefer a gel formula, Total Care Gel helps reduce plaque build up that can cause early gum problems. Get all the care with this gel forumla.

COLGATE TRAVEL ESSENTIAL PACK | When you're on the move, it's not excuse to step down your oral routine. This compact travel pack from Colgate includes all the essentials with a automatic toothbrush, toothpaste, a travel size mouthwash and a handy floss pack. Onboard luggage approved it's everything you need when you can't take much at all.

LISTERINE WHITENING MOUTHWASH | This dual action antibacterial mouthwash will whitens and protects. With a clean mint flavour, this mouthwash from Listerine will leave you with a fresh mouth feeling. Also available in Enamel Protection.

With many Australian adults found to have untreated dental decay, use 12-hour anti-bacterial protection products to protect against plaque and bacteria between cleans. Protect your teeth and gums with great products from the ranges above for a healthy smile and fresh breath.