Soft, delicate baby skin. We all love the touch of it and when our baby's skin is healthy it helps make for a happy bub. A newborn's skin is sensitive as it has not been exposed to external factors and is still building up protection and immunity.

It's the soft loveable, sensitive skin that we need to be aware of the ingredients in the products we use on them, and that it's gentle enough for their babies' skin.

DERMAVEEN ECZEMA | A good range for babies suffering from eczema, DermaVeen uses natural colloidal oatmeal in its baby range to relieve symptoms of dry skin, dermatitis and nappy rash. Available in cream, lotion and ointment.

EGO EGOZITE BABY CREAM | Free from lanolin, perfume or other commonly know irritants, the Ego Pharmaceuticals' Egozite Baby Cream is a soothing, rich protective barrier cream that helps protect sensitive skin against nappy rash, irritation and inflammation. It is pH-balanced to suit even the most sensitive skin types.

JOHNSON'S BABY BEDTIME | A three-step bedtime routine, that was developed in conjunction with a pediatric sleep expert it has been clinically proven to help babies sleep better. Range includes Johnson's Baby Bath, Lotion, Bath + Wash.

BIO OIL | A solid favourite, Bio Oil has maintained it's No.1 selling skincare status in Australia for more than four years. Made of a combination of plant extracts and vitamins in an oil base. Available in 60ml, 125ml, 200ml.

Love your baby and the skin it's in.