They have often been stereotyped to being ditzy and seem to be quickly picked to be the snapshot model, but being blonde isn't easy. Black hair ties stand out like a sore thumb, and the dark regrowth... well that's your worst nightmare!

Care for your blonde

If you're a blond, or considering going blonde we've got some great savers for you.

LADY JAYNE SNAGLESS ELASTIC + BOBBY PIN | Lady Jayne Bobby Pins have a cushioned tip and the crimped design to holds hair securely in place, like the Lady Jayne Elastics they have passed many performance tests. Made to perform time and time again, they are available in many assorted colours including light and dark blonde.

CLAIROL NICE 'N EASY ROOT TOUCHUP | Designed to cover root regrowth and greys that show through around the parting, forehead and temples midway through the hair colour cycle. Of course available in different shades cause no two blondes are the same!

FUDGE VIOLET TONING SHAMPOO CLEAN BLONDE | Fudge Violet Shampoo will not only cleanse blonde locks but will leave hair glossy and shiny. Hydrating hair with guarana to restore, hydrate and strengthen. Featuring a vanilla fragrance and infused with apple and pear.

L'OREAL PARIS COLOUR PROTECT MASQUE | Aimed at maintaining and enhancing the vibrancy of coloured hair, L'Oreal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Masques absorbs UV rays to protect hair from fading.

Keep you blonde looking great even between colours with these essential for any blonde!